Icebergs are melting because of us

5kg of iceberg melts with every extra kg of CO2 released to the atmosphere .

Human activities, such as electricity generation, emits enormous amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. It’s increasing concentration traps more heat, which causes warming of the planet and iceberg melting. As a result, many animals are loosing their habitat and are going to go extinct.

Carbon intensity of electricity varies

Electricity in the grid is produced from renewables and fossil fuels. However, renewables are of intermittent nature due to weather changes which results increase of fossil fuel consumption to meet the consistent electricity demand. At the same time, over 20% of produced electricity is sometimes unused due to a low demand.

Download CarbonWatch and start saving iceberg!

Take a look at CarbonWatch to find out how much iceberg you can save from melting if you use your appliance at different time to now. CarbonMan will be happy to help you anytime!

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About Us

CarbonWatch is a student led project, which idea started at Climathon in October 2016. It has 3 project members:


Hana is a third year PhD student at the University of Leeds, studying opportunities for integration of renewables into highly energy and emission intensive industries. With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and postgraduate degree in Renewable Energy Systems, Hana focuses on the product idea and development.


Thanyasinee met Hana at the Climathon when she was studying MSc Enterprise at Leeds University Business School. She focuses on the prototype development and business strategy. She in charge of this website and future development of CarbonWatch on the market.


Rob has achieved first class in computer science degree from the University of Warwick and has a strong experience in app publications. Rob focuses on the development of the CarbonWatch application for android and helps with any technical enquires.

We are proud to be part of The Environment Now programme which is funded by O2 and the Natioal Lottery's Big Fund through the Our Bright Future programme. It is manage by the National Youth Agency.

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